WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Boxer Classic vs. Boxer V2

The Classic units are our original design which have a completely nylon printed enclosure.  We offer these dyed in 9 different color options.

The V2 units are our new design.  We listened to customers requests as to how to make the unit better and coupled this with the fact that about 90% of orders customers also purchased a silicone sleeve for added protection, and completely redesigned our units from the inside out.

The V2’s are a little smaller and lighter.  They utilize the same nylon printed material, but only for the inner core of the unit.  We include a Black silicone based outer casing with each unit, and have 25+ other colors and designs available separately.  Instead of requiring 2 or 3 mods to have units in different colors, you can now have one mod and 2 or 3 additional casings.

The casing is part of the design of the unit.  While it is silicone based, it is not a silicone sleeve.  The casings are up to 5x thicker in areas as compared and designed as an actual outer case.  There are recesses and protrusions in the nylon core so that the casing fits flush all around.  With the silicone based casing, the unit is much more stain, fade and juice spill resistant and also offers much greater protection from drops or falls.  Once on the unit, you will think it is part of the unit itself — we only made it removable so that the customer can swap between colors.

And please watch a full and comprehensive review by YouTube reviewer Mike Vapes:


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